With 40 years of farm tire service in Central Saskatchewan we're no stranger to the array of agricultural tractor tires farmers depend on for their day to day work. Agricultural work demands quality tires that can grip soil and support the heavy weight of tractors and other farming vehicles. We are proud to say our locations serve as a main source of farm and tractor tires for Saskatoon, SK & Rosthern, SK. Browse our online selection of farm tires now, and come into our shop to see what we have to fit your budget and needs.
Our farm tires can provide reduced soil compaction, improved durability, and better traction. To fulfill your farming needs, we stock top AG tire brands for various agricultural applications. If you're new to the agricultural community and unsure of the best tire for your tractor, harvester, or other AG vehicle, our knowledgeable team will help you find the best tire for your farming equipment. With 40 years of experience, our team will make sure you are comfortable finding the right tire and service for your farming needs.


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